From Journalism to UX one thing that hasn't changed is my passion for storytelling. Empathizing with users and advocating for ethical design is my way of tackling UX/UI problems. I believe that interactive media has the power to cater to an audience that is often neglected by traditional media. Currently, I am working as a researcher at Canada Media Fund but I am always looking for freelance UX/UI opportunities to keep the creative juices flowing. 


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A brainchild of mine. This project involved implementing all the steps required to launch an app. From ideation to prototype and then marketing. Currently, under the development phase, Proud Parent is a playdate app for queer families.

 Role: Lead UX/UI Designer 

Homepage of Student Hub Website

Centennial College:
Student Hub Redesign

Centennial College, Toronto hired my team to do a content audit of the Student Hub section of their website. The work involved doing a competitive analysis, content audit, analyzing user engagement data and suggesting a content strategy that makes the website more user friendly.

 Role: UX Researcher & Content Strategist 

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Endo is a platform for people with endometriosis looking for a sense of community and counselling. I played the dual role of a content strategist and a UX/UI advisor. Planning a content strategy for this platform meant finding a way to cater to the different needs a person with endo would want to be fulfilled.

 Role: Content Strategist & UX/UI Advisor 

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Harry Potter
Digital Book Nook

An interactive storytelling app for your favourite classics. The user gets rewarded with badges and can also share their reading progress with friends on the app. The app is a cool way to engage kids and young adults with the world of Harry Potter. 

 Role: UI Designer & Content Strategist

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