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The team was in charge of auditing the Student Hub Section of the website and suggest improvements for a better content structure and navigation. My role was of UX Researcher and Content Strategist

Jan 2021-Apr 2021 

Team Members:
Pateel Bedoyan, Shantia Cross,
Simon Chen, Tee Kundu

Tools Used:

Adobe XD, Invision, Slack, Google Forms, Adobe Illustrator, Google Slides, Canva

What is Student Hub?

The Student Hub is a section of Centennial College’s main website aimed to help current students access all the resources the College has to offer. It is intended to be the one-stop shop for all students.

Problem Definition
Problem Definition

The problem with the current Student Hub is the lack of engagement due to its difficulty in navigation and content architecture. The result of this is that the Student Hub becomes an obstacle for students rather than a helping hand.

Current State Analysis
Content Audit
Current State Analysis
Competitive Analysis
User Research and Personas
Information Architecture
Info. Architecture
Content as Conversation


  • Create meaningful content for marginalized communities like Indigenous and LGBTQIA2S+ students to provide a well-rounded experience.

  • Create a more personable Indigenous Students section.

  • Add more details under the events description, for example, the intended target audience, timings, organizer.

  • Maintain consistency across the content being used.

  • Reduce duplication of pages and content.

  • Focus on providing useful, actionable content to users (refer to content audit for a detailed analysis).

  • Gather data for the clubs and communities section and update them as needed.


  • Merge Student Life with Student Hub, a lot of the content overlaps and most of the information on Student Hub links out to Student Life.

  • Reduce the number of sections/layers on the homepage for clarity and reduced scroll time.

  • Separate SaGE and International Students service. Keep SaGE only for student exchange programs.

  • Conduct user testing on the information architecture provided.

  • Improve website accessibility for students with disabilities.

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