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Feb 2021-May 2021 

Team Members:
Shantia Cross, Simon Chen 

Tools Used:
Adobe XD, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Google Slides, Canva 


We can all agree that Harry Potter was a series we all grew up within our childhoods. 

Whether we watched the movies, read the books or heard our friends talk about it, the story of Harry Potter was a familiar story that we've heard of before.

Today we're introducing the "Digital Book Nook" app. The Digital Book Nook is an app created with readers and Harry Potter enthusiasts in mind.

We wanted to create an app for readers to enjoy the Harry Potter series they know and love while also giving it more of a grown-up look and feel to fit in with our adult lifestyles and aesthetics.

Engage with the prototype by clicking on the phone
Target Audience

Our target audience consists of millennials who are big Harry Potter enthusiasts, as according to the Pew Research Centre, millennials are the generation that read the most, leisurely. 


We also have a target audience of Gen Z  children ages 12-16 who aren’t familiar with Harry Potter but are interested in embarking on the journey of the boy who lived, (through reading of course). Since this is the generation that uses their phones the most, they will appreciate the immersive experiences that the app offers.

Target Audience
User Journey
HarryPotter App (3).png
User Journey
Harry Potter App Wireframes.png
Harry Potter App Wireframes (1).png
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